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PultrusionsKemrock’s plant is one of the largest Pultrusion manufacturing facilities in the world. Its subsidiary M/s. Top Glass S.p.A. (Italy), provides the cutting edge technology in Pultrusion and Pullwinding processes. Kemrock’s fully integrated facility offers superior pultrusion solutions like Cooling Tower Solutions, Car Parks Systems, Telecom Towers, Architectural Applications, Modular Shelters/Houses, Decking Systems and many complex structural profiles.

Architecture & Urban Infrastructure

Kemrock is at the forefront in providing FRP Composites for Architectural as well as Urban Infrastructure Applications. FRP Composites, in today's architecture & construction, find applications in many areas viz. modular houses, doors, fences, artistic roof domes and sheets & exterior cladding panels, which can simulate masonry or stone. With the scarcity of wood for building products, FRP Composites have emerged as viable alternative for doors too.

Pultruded Profiles are used in a wide range of industrial & building applications viz. building facades, exteriors structures, urban infrastructure, etc. The company provides an end-to-end solution for Architectural and Urban Infrastructure Applications which include conceptual design, prototype development, testing, manufacturing, logistic support, installation & after sales service.
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