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PultrusionsKemrock’s plant is one of the largest Pultrusion manufacturing facilities in the world. Its subsidiary M/s. Top Glass S.p.A. (Italy), provides the cutting edge technology in Pultrusion and Pullwinding processes. Kemrock’s fully integrated facility offers superior pultrusion solutions like Cooling Tower Solutions, Car Parks Systems, Telecom Towers, Architectural Applications, Modular Shelters/Houses, Decking Systems and many complex structural profiles.

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The increasing demand for the use of composites in cooling tower applications has been driven by a number of factors, not least because of the ease of use and longevity. Kemrock is a prominent member of the Cooling Tower Institute, and as such manufactures a complete range of composite products for use in both Dry and Wet Cooling Towers.

Kemrock’s composite solutions for cooling tower applications comply with all relevant CTI standards...

Being the largest manufacturer of Pultruded Products in the world, Kemrock offers complete end to end cooling tower solutions. Our design team can design the complete structure, after which we fabricate, provide trial installations at our Vadodara facility for verification purposes, manage all logistics and provide full on-site services.
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