Piping System & SolutionsKemrock manufactures GRE/GRP Pipes using the filament winding process. Pipes of diameter 25mm to 3000mm and a full range of flanges & fittings are manufactured in ‘state-of-art’ CFW/ HW machines. It is amongst the very few manufacturers in the world who produce their own thermosetting resins for manufacturing Pipes.

Flanges & Fittings

Kemrock also manufactures a complete range of composite fittings, using a variety of connections such as Reka ring, bell and spigot, butt wrap and bolted flange fittings.

Kemrock also manufactures range of GRP Fittings such as:

Flange Saddle Elbow 45° Elbow 90°
Tee Reducer Coupling Blind flange

Jointing systems

The jointing system selected for a particular application is determined by the pressure rating and installation conditions.
Available Jointing Systems
  • Double bell Coupler
  • Butt & Wrap or Lamination
  • Bell & Spigot
  • Flanged

Double Bell Coupler

Butt & Wrap or Lamination

These joints also make use of elastomeric gaskets. Pipes have spigot ends on both sides and are joined using a coupler. Generally this jointing is used with higher diameter pipes. Plain ends of pipes are abutted end to end and then the joint is over wrapped with resin impregnated glass fiber providing strength in both hoop and axial direction.

Bell & Spigot


These joints make use of elastomeric gaskets to provide the seal for fluid tightness. Some Angular deflection is permissible hence suitable for underground installations. Easily detachable joint. Pipes are provided with the flanges having bolting dimensions. This is ideal for joining GRP pipes with other material pipes.
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