About UsKemrock Industries and Exports Ltd, the World’s most integrated Fibre Reinforced Composites manufacturer provides an extensive range of standard products that are ideal replacements for traditional materials. Additional customised, innovative, bespoke products tailored to clients’ specific needs ensure the provision of complete composite solutions.

FRP Recycling - A Green Initiative

In accordance with our QHSE Policy statement, we have committed that Kemrock shall continually seek to improve the Health, Safety and Environment(HSE) by carrying out ongoing risk assessment, waste minimization and the optimised use of resources through the three “R“ concept of Recovery, Recycle and Reuse.
Solid waste generated in the various fibre reinforced composites manufacturing processes is a matrix of cured polymer resin and fibre reinforcement material. Because the polymers are produced from a thermosetting reaction, the chemical structure of the polymers used combined with the fibres and fillers in fibre reinforced composites scrap makes recycling more complex than typical thermoplastic recycling. This makes the need to recycle even more compelling.

At Kemrock we have been relentlessly working for the past few years with some of the industry’s leading specialists in waste reprocessing. We now are able to recover reinforcement scrap and off-cuts, as well as recycle cured composites. Careful introduction of the recycled product can in fact enhance certain products, and we have conducted extensive testing to demonstrate how their use can improve flexural properties, stiffness and fatigue resistance.
At Kemrock we share a responsibility with our customers to care for the environment and protect resources for our future generations. We therefore work with our customers at the start of a new project to ensure the correct product selection results in the minimum environmental impact and maximum product life cycle. Once the product has reached the end of its useful life, Kemrock’s commitment is to accept the product back at our recycling facility, to recover, recycle and re-use the product.