PultrusionsKemrock’s plant is one of the largest Pultrusion manufacturing facilities in the world. Its subsidiary M/s. Top Glass S.p.A. (Italy), provides the cutting edge technology in Pultrusion and Pullwinding processes. Kemrock’s fully integrated facility offers superior pultrusion solutions like Cooling Tower Solutions, Car Parks Systems, Telecom Towers, Architectural Applications, Modular Shelters/Houses, Decking Systems and many complex structural profiles.


A recent development by the Kemrock design team, is a range of louvres that are intended for installation on top of buildings, cooling towers, in fact any structure where unsightly equipment needs to be hidden in an architecturally appealing way. There are various designs to cater for different situations...

This types of louvre features an architecturally appealing straight blade design with very smooth clean lines that visually complement any structure’s exterior styling. They are used in exhaust and low to medium velocity air intake applications. These louvres feature rear upstands that provide good protection against most weather conditions.
These specially designed louvres are manufactured from insulated blades which provide good weather protection, sound attenuation and aesthetics that complement any architecture. These louvres use acoustic grade glass fibre as the sound absorbing medium. They are used as a part of air intake or exhaust air system of buildings or equipment to reduce the noise produced by equipment. These are often used as sound enclosure for pumps, generators and compressors. These louvres are available in channel or optional flanged type and are available in different depths.
These louvres have specially designed sight proof chevron blades. These chevron blades provide privacy, conceal equipment, prevent vandalism and act a safety barrier in dangerous areas. In these louvres, intermediate support mullions do not interrupt blade exterior appearance. Sight proof louvres prevent vision through the blade whilst at the same time allowing the flow of air through them. These louvres are available in channel or optional flanged type and are available in different depths.
These louvres combine maximum weather protection at high airflow rates with good air performance and pleasing aesthetics. Standard construction features a drainable head design that collects and channels away water running down the building face, preventing it from entering the airstream. These louvres have a high degree of free area and low pressure drop. Blade and jamb seals are provided in order to provide tight closure in these types of louvers which are available in channel or optional flanged design in varying depths.
These types of louvres have a Kemrock blade design which imparts high structural strength and impact resistance to the installation, by way of an all composite frame. The Kemrock blade design complements any structure and enhances its architectural aesthetics. These louvres are used in moderate to low velocity air intake and exhaust applications. They have low pressure drop characteristics whilst resisting water penetration. Structural louvres are available in depths of 2”, 4”, 6” and 8”.
Developed for use in desert locations, Kemrock sandtrap louvres are installed and operate in a vertical plane. They allow airflow into installations whilst at the same time resisting the ingress dust and sand. Designed to give years of maintenance free performance, sandtrap louvres perform in the most extreme conditions.
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