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PultrusionsKemrock’s plant is one of the largest Pultrusion manufacturing facilities in the world. Its subsidiary M/s. Top Glass S.p.A. (Italy), provides the cutting edge technology in Pultrusion and Pullwinding processes. Kemrock’s fully integrated facility offers superior pultrusion solutions like Cooling Tower Solutions, Car Parks Systems, Telecom Towers, Architectural Applications, Modular Shelters/Houses, Decking Systems and many complex structural profiles.

Modular Houses & Shelters

Kemrock has designed and developed composite modular buildings for use as schools, homes and emergency housing following natural disasters. The all-weather, insulated design comprises pultruded structural members, walls and floors, continuous laminate roof, SMC door and contact moulded furniture. They are an all composites solution flexible in size and design, offering superior quality corrosion resistant construction. Being made of composite materials, these modular houses are light weight and easy to install, taking 50-60% less time than traditional on-site constructions. These modular buildings are thermally insulated, lowering heating and cooling costs.
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