CapabilitiesThe State-of-the-Art Facility provides high-quality engineered advanced composite solutions and reliable services. Dedicated to single point responsibility, the company operates using principles of 'Total Integrated Management' encompassing conceptual design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, logistics, installation and comprehensive after sales services.

Research & Development

Kemrock’s talented team of scientists and researchers are constantly working to develop innovative solutions, using composites to their best advantage. A new age has dawned; composites for many years were simply replacement materials for failing traditional materials, with the shapes and designs of those traditional materials being mimicked in case the use of ‘those plastic materials’ was questioned. Now, at last, composites are recognized as materials of choice. The latest designs of commercial aircraft are using composites extensively. Formula 1 racing drivers are able, more often than not, to walk away from horrifying crashes because of the composites used in the construction of their cars. The Composites Age is upon us, and at last their increasing use is the result of the innovative work by teams such as ours at Kemrock.

Kemrock constantly focuses on innovation and evolving new developments to keep pace with the demands of modern life. Bio-reactors to create energy from waste; space and energy saving toilet systems for our modern railways; telecommunications towers that are invisible to radio waves; fire safe rail interiors that provide safety and comfort to the travelling public; just some of the recent developments that are contributing towards everyday life.