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Wind EnergyKemrock has established a state-of-the-art Rotor Blade manufacturing and mould making facility for windmills. The company produces highest quality composite rotor blades, nacelle covers & moulds for various reputed global companies both domestic & international.

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Rotor blade production is by resin infusion, manufactured to the highest international standards in moulds equipped with sophisticated in-built heating, a dedicated vacuum system and pneumatic controls for accurate mould profile alignment. We currently produce blades up to 45 metres in length, and blade root finishing is completed automatically with our blade root saw and drilling machines.
Key Services prior to and during blade manufacture
Vertically integrated facility manufacturing some key raw materials in-house:
Technical Data Sheet of Wind Mill Blade Projects

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The company produces rotor blades for the domestic Indian market, as well as shipping to Europe and North America in purpose built export crates that ensure the blade arrives in prime condition, ready for installation, thereby providing a true end to end supply solution.
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