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PultrusionsKemrock’s plant is one of the largest Pultrusion manufacturing facilities in the world. Its subsidiary M/s. Top Glass S.p.A. (Italy), provides the cutting edge technology in Pultrusion and Pullwinding processes. Kemrock’s fully integrated facility offers superior pultrusion solutions like Cooling Tower Solutions, Car Parks Systems, Telecom Towers, Architectural Applications, Modular Shelters/Houses, Decking Systems and many complex structural profiles.

Telecom Towers

The Winner in the Category of Telecom and Electronics at the recent ICERP 2011 exhibition in Mumbai was Kemrock for their all composite telecom tower. Designed in and fabricated from composites, the Kemrock Telecom Tower has been tested for its suitability at SERC Chennai, and survives wind speeds of 180kmph at a height of 30 metres.

Supplied from the factory is pre-assembled 6 metres lifts, Kemrock Telecom Towers are readily transportable to remote areas and to the roof tops of buildings in metropolitan cities. The EMI/RFI transparency means that there is no footprint that will cause interference and the wind resistance ensures that the tower will not deflect any more than 0.5˚, thereby ensuring no loss of signal.


Combining manufacturing technique with KEMROCK's proprietary Version resin system results in an increased strength-to-weight ratio for Kemrock telecom tower. With this significant advantage, KEMROCK has reduced the weight of its telecom tower, while meeting or exceeding the strength requirements for all telecom tower classes on the market today.
Kemrock FRP Telecom Towers are significantly lighter than other telecom tower due to the material they are made with. This results in lower costs in transporting, lifting and installing the telecom tower which makes FRP Tower most suitable for roof top telecom sites.
Remote Accessibility
FRP Telecom towers are an excellent choice for remote installations. The modular design of the telecom towers gives the utility flexibility in transporting the telecom tower to the installation site.
Ease of handling & Installation
Their lightweight & high strength enables Kemrock Glassfibre Reinforced Polymer Composites to be readily transported and handled. They can be worked on-site with ordinary hand tools, & jointing is a simple semi-skilled operation.
Worker Safety
FRP telecom towers are your safest choice. They are non-conductive, do not need toxic coatings and come in lightweight tower sections.
Non Conductivity
FRP Tower has excellent electrical insulating properties, because they are made from a combination of KEMROCK Technologies' proprietary Version polyurethane resin and fibreglass. This helps in increasing public and utility crew safety by reducing the potential for electrical hazards.
No Toxic Coatings
Coatings used to chemically treat wood and steel telecom tower contain dangerous chemicals. Kemrock FRP Technologies has eliminated this risk and our FRP telecom towers do not require toxic preservatives and coatings
Long Life and Resilience
Kemrock FRP telecom tower can withstand virtually all environmental conditions without the need for chemical treatment. In addition, Kemrock telecom tower stand up to moisture, corrosion and damage caused by insects and other animals without any impact on their telecom tower integrity, appearance or lifespan.
UV Protection
Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can cause color fading and degradation of the outer layers of the tower. KEMROCK Technologies uses a proprietary advanced aliphatic resin technology that provides UV protection to the towers.
Fire Retardancy
FRP Telecom tower will effectively resist damage due to fire and flame in the event of a quickly moving fire (e.g. a grass fire). Although polyurethane version in the telecom towers will ignite at sustained temperatures above 600°F, they will self extinguish.
Maintenance Free
Our FRP telecom towers do not need coatings and are resistant to corrosion and damage due to insects, birds and other animals. Add this to the fact that FRP telecom tower last up to 80 Year, Significantly longer than towers made from traditional materials, and you get the lowest life cycle cost of all utility structures and a considerable savings in your maintenance and telecom tower replacement budgets.
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